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This is another pretty wise and wonderful statement by the wonderful Colt, and it summarizes this character pretty well and his alcoholism, probably.

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Colt is also the master of metaphors that aren't really, well, metaphors. We love when Colt tries to explain something and it goes horribly well and ends up being absolutely hilarious. Saskatoon Cold, Miama Heat, practically the same, except for the temperature, right? Honestly, he's not even wrong. We almost thought that Colt was going to pass up a drink, but he saved himself when he corrects his mother.

Drinking a beer the day before tryouts? That's madness talking. Whiskey, on the other hand, what a genius idea.

That's definitely more like the Colt we know, because we know he'd never give up a drink. Maggie definitely knew, too, and this Colt in his purest form. Ah, we know that Colt definitely respects everyone, right? We mean, at least he said 'sir'. He delivers this line to Abby's dad, actually, when he shows up at their place in the middle of the night while drunk. Abby's father knows Colt is in a tough spot, so he takes it pretty well, but Colt didn't respond too great when he was told he should leave.

Abby Was Pregnant on 'The Ranch' — but Was Elisha Cuthbert Pregnant in Real Life Too?

He did try to be respectful though, right? This quote is definitely classic Colt, and yeah, we laughed. Every person everywhere who lives in a snowy place and loves beer just had the brightest of all light bulbs go off in their heads. We're going to venture to say that you probably shouldn't be taking advice from Colt, but hey, at least this kind of sounds good.

That '70s Ranch

Also, we think Maggie's should claim it as the Colt Bennett special. It's the normal ones you gotta worry about! Every time they catch a serial killer on the news, they're like "He came from such a normal family. Ah, more wise wisdom from this wonderful character. When Colt is talking to Heather about their baby, because she says she wants to have a regular family, he pretty much assures her that only serial killers come from normal families. In fact, if you want to be normal, you must have a crazy family.

‘The Ranch’ Ending On Netflix After Season 4, Ashton Kutcher Says – Deadline

That's good news for all us, right? Oh, Colt, striking us again with a very surprising and hilarious answer to another one of Rooster's crazy questions. This is more than obvious, right? What's even funnier, though, is that Colt goes right for the men of this show.

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Yeah, this caught us off guard as much as it did Rooster. We all laughed at this one, though, and we'll never forget it. Colt: "I know, right? Up until then, the most famous person to ever punch me was the Captain Morgan pirate. When Colt is explaining to Rooster that he got punched by Thomas Rhett, Rooster, obviously, expresses some pretty intense pride in his younger brother. Colt is pretty proud of himself, too, and even goes on to give us a bit too much information - his best face punch thus far was only by a Captain Morgan pirate.

We don't even want to know the story behind that one, Colt, but at least it's pretty funny. You're a wild card, man. Offscreen, two women who accused the actor of rape are calling out Netflix for airing his remaining episodes at all, while onscreen, his character, Rooster Bennett, has been given an open-ended goodbye allowing for his return should the powers that be allow it.

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The latter point is what leads to his exit, temporary or otherwise. At first, he tells Rooster to stay away from Mary — or else.

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  6. With that, Rooster walks out the door, and the season ends. This, by all accounts , is the end for Rooster. Masterson was still shooting episodes when he was fired, but the upcoming Part 6 will not feature the actor. The Ranch parts one through six are available to stream now on Netflix.

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    Will there be another series of The Ranch? Season four will consist of two parts: part seven and part eight An exact release date for part seven is yet to be announced by the streaming giants but there are plenty of clues to suggest when it may be. The Ranch part 7: Will there be another series? Image: Netflix. When will The Ranch part 7 be released? Season three was made up of two parts: part five and part six.

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