The Money Myth - The Method Approach To Creating Abundance (Law Of Attraction Series Book 4)

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The readers will find familiar, universal truths while expanding the limits of their imagination. The Supreme Court rules that they are unnaturally born and have no rights. Corporations exploit their labor. Religious conservatives will not let them into churches.

The media uses them for ratings. They have no allies, so they form a resistance group. They are immediately labeled terrorists. Do you know a good book for who wants to start their own business? Having lived in Kentucky for almost 10 years, I'd heard a lot of buzz about Hillbilly Elegy and read it eagerly. Mid-way through I was ready to throw it across the room, especially when Vance discounts racism for any role it may have played in backlash to Obama. It's political propaganda disguised as a "thought-provoking" memoir. If I like the first few pages I can buy it later.

But for many non fiction books, the main idea is covered sufficiently in the beginning for me to get the gist of it. Great insights on creating value and using that value to market. On my second read and having my creative and marketing team read it as well. Pretty much everything he writes is great. Perennial Seller is particularly good and counter-intuitive for creative types he really delves into the reality of being a creative professional.

I'm sure Ramit has read or is at least aware. Ditto, here's to you Ramit, and J Washburn! Both of you having great lists.

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Good list but you missed one: "How Brands Grow. There is a small group of marketers who drink from the cup of this book and we're trying to dispel many of the myths of marketing that are so prevalent. Outstanding book. Thanks for mentioning it here! If you know other people who read from this book — or better yet, if you have a group of them together in some group — please invite me! I have already read a few of these suggested books including yours Ramit and learned a lot from them. I would like to suggest M. Demarco's, "The Millionaire Fastlane" and "Unscripted".

His books have really given my work more direction. My highest recommendation is "Alchemist".

Hands down the best fiction book ever. Go for it Ramit.

I highly recommend them to every person who asks me about what to read if they want to improve their situation. I don't recommend any books to people unless they ask because I found that nobody listens. Thank you for your recommendations. I ordered 4 of the ones I didn't already have and saved some for later.

The book that had the biggest impact on my life was 4-Hour Workweek and not because of the tactics and advice, but primarily as an eye opener proving that YES, there is another way to live life, other than in a job you just do for the money. No other book comes close in terms of overall impact, because I wouldn't be where I am in life today without Tim's book. Books are a great way to create your own echo chamber if you don't have a way to surround yourself with ambitious people.

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Martin, thats awesome. So many people who I recommend this to just look at it as a guide to get rich quick and not working when its goal is exactly what you said: to shake up your perspective on the and show other ways to do things. I second what Edward said — really like your last paragraph that books are a great way to create your own echo chamber. I do that by reading memoirs and biographies of people from many different walks of life that sound interesting one way or another. Becoming Ms. Burton — Susan Burton about a lady from LA whose 5 year old son was killed in an accident.

She was poor and self medicated with drugs, did jail time on and off for a while, got out and got a second chance after hearing about and completing a treatment program. Now helps many other women getting out of prison with readjusting, getting their kids back, jobs, etc. Hey, Ramit!

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Some great titles here that I already have and will read or have already read. Some books I think you might like:. An excellent story into strategy, focus, psychology, and understanding people around you. Classic read on knowing what you want, eliminating the miscellaneous things in your life that don't get you to where you want to go, and surrounding yourself with people who will challenge you to help you achieve your goals. Your former "Brain Trust" was very similar to a concept from Hill. Far and away the best fitness book I've read. Presents the simplest way I've found to achieve exercise and weight loss goals.

Lost and kept off 25 pounds on his program! Great book on parenting. I'm a father of 4 and found it to be an excellent resource I go back to often.

Here are 50 books I recommend

Currently reading this about setting strategy and driving that strategy forward in an organization. Very straight forward without fluff to fill pages. I second Nurtureshock. Great book on parenting, too bad all of my kids have already left the nest, I would have loved to have had this book 30 years ago! I read it because I teach and coach high school kids and their parents! I've read 6 of the books on your list — mostly from the finance section. I picked up Mistakes were made but not be me after you mentioned it a couple of years ago on your blog. I remember it was fascinating, I should read it again.

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They're certainly for a more targeted audience but I recommend them to my friends occasionally. Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates: a great way to get an idea of what it is like to be a black man in America today. I keep telling people to stop talking about race until they have read this book. Friedman: Friedman makes so many good points about where our priorities should be to succeed in the changing world economy.

Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku: Interesting thoughts about what future technologies may be and how they will affect our society. I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai: Malala grew up in a part of the world that has unimaginable beauty and unimaginable conflict. Her story is fantastic. Between the World and Me is the author writing to his son about growing up black in America and his perspectives. Monster — Autobiography of Kody Scott — an LA Gang member and his life story was interesting to learn more about gangs and life in prison, etc.

I'm on a biography and memoir kick… In Her Own Words — Ruth Bader Ginsburg was also good for her history and some womens rights issues from the 60s through today as well as her friendship with Scallia — wish more people could learn from the Supreme Court example that you can have differing opinions but still respect the person and seek common ground.

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Picked up Scallia Speaks bio but haven't read it yet. I recommend that people who are looking for reading ideas get on Goodreads. It is a book-focused social network. I have found so many ideas there and had great discussions with other readers. I rarely purchase or start reading a book without first checking out the reviews on Goodreads. How and when do you make time to read?

I've read about others reading habits. What is yours? Like, I dunno — index funds. These days you can even check out e-books. Not to mention that keeping circulation numbers up helps libraries to stay open for your fellow citizens to use.