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For tips on learning a new skill, keep reading! This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 14 references. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Learn more Method 1. Follow the news to keep up with current events. You can learn something every day by paying attention to the news. You can watch news on TV or listen to the radio. You can also read traditional newspapers or follow online news sites.

For example, read an article in your local paper and then check out the BBC.

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Read books and articles to expand your awareness. Reading is one of the most effective ways to learn.

Make a point to read every day. It can be for an hour before bed, or just for 10 minutes on your lunch break. Both fiction and non-fiction are great choices! You can also gain insight on emotions and interpersonal relationships. Non-fiction can teach you about anything, from history to how to build a car. Try listening to an audiobook while you cook dinner or on your daily commute.

Explore the Internet to discover new things. The internet has an endless supply of information and there is more added everyday! You can use a popular search engine to search for a specific topic. Go to any popular website and just keep following links that interest you. You still need to verify the source before accepting something as fact.

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If something doesn't ring true, look for another source to check the information. Try to avoid sites that seem focused on presenting a certain agenda, rather than just the facts. Sources such as government agencies, universities, and hospitals typically offer the most factual, up to date information. Take a class to keep your mind engaged. There are many options out there for you.

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You can often take single classes for continuing education. There are also online classes you can take, through traditional colleges or other websites. Take a class in whatever interests you! It can be anything from psychology to art. Watch online videos to see how things are done. In addition to reading on the internet, you can learn a lot by watching videos. Ask questions to gather additional information. This is one of the simplest ways to learn something new. Make it a point each day to ask someone a question.

I wanted to know if it made an impact on sales. Method 2. Study a new language that interests you.

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Learning a new language is a great way to expand your knowledge. You can take a class at a community college, with a private tutor, or use online software. Start a garden if you like the outdoors. Taking care of plants is a useful way to learn a new skill. You can find tips online, at your local gardening center, or by joining a local gardening club. You could also choose to plant veggies to feed friends and family. Improve your cooking skills for a useful hobby.

Cooking is a skill that you can work on and learn about each day. You might start by learning how to make scrambled eggs or an easy pasta dish.

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When you begin to get the hang of it, you can challenge yourself by trying new techniques and recipes. Mix things up and take a cooking class to learn a new type of dish!


Play a musical instrument if you love music. Learning to play a musical instrument requires daily practice. Each day, you can challenge yourself by learning new notes, new scales, or even a whole new song. Pick an instrument that you can access easily. Try the guitar instead. Choose to play a type of music that you like so that you will stay engaged.

If rock music is your favorite, learn to play that! Try dancing for a fun activity.

Dancing is another skill that takes a lot of hard work. Try taking dance classes at a nearby community center or dance school. You can practice your steps at home and continually learn new routines. Method 3. Observe your surroundings to notice new things. Learning something new can be as simple as just paying closer attention to the things around you. For example, the next time you go to get your morning coffee, notice how the barista prepares your order.

I learned something new! Meet new people to expand your network. Interacting with people is one of the best ways to learn! Lamentations His mercy if you woke up without being in serious pain. Thousands of believers in North Korea did. Any hope in your heart? If so, these are wonderful mercies from God.

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The eggs and toast on your table are fresh mercies from God. And the children around the table screaming and spilling their Cheerios and milk? Do you have running water? A hot shower?

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Indoor plumbing? A job? A car? Money for gas? Are you able to drive? There are respites from pain. Loving family members and friends. Your hope for today is based not on karma or luck or any odds. As John Piper wrote on the eve of having prostate surgery to remove cancer :. The world gets comfort from their odds. Not Christians. Before you start asking God for things, consider thanking him.